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Following the decision by the Prices to hand in their notice, due to the regrettable circumstances they found themselves in, the Community Group set up to save the pub have been taking steps to ensure the Community will be in a position to make a bid to buy it should the pub be offered for sale. This is being held up pending the takeover of Punch Taverns by Heineken and their partner Patron Capital. 

If we are to save our last pub from yet another short sighted property development it is important that we are fully prepared for this.

The pub has been registered as an Asset of Community Value which would give us a 6 month period in which to put together a bid to buy the pub should the opportunity arise.

With help from the Plunkett Foundation and The Pub Is the Hub, we have investigated a number of ways to do this. There are many Community owned pubs operating very successfully and we have been in contact with several of these, trying to gain as much information as possible to help us in our bid. We have concluded that the best model is to form a Community Benefit Society. This would be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and allow the Community to buy shares in the Society which, topped up with a loan and grants, would then allow a bid to be made for the pub on behalf of the community. Profits on the operation would be reinvested in the business and the local community.

A bank account has been set up in the name of the Robin Hood Community Group. There is a lot of work to do. Business Plans need to be prepared, the Rules of the Society drawn up, a share offer drafted and other related issues to consider and resolve. However we strongly believe that this is the only way we are going to ensure that Rainow keeps its last pub which is not just a place to get a drink but most importantly a social hub where people of different ages, lifestyles and interests can meet and new activities develop. We truly value that. 

However the most important thing- crucial in making this whole idea work- is support from you, the people of Rainow. Without such support, we will all be wasting our time and efforts

So we need to know whether this approach would receive your support. We can explain more about the share offer, minimum value of shares and their distribution etc. as we learn about support from the community.

We will keep you updated on progress and would be happy to answer any questions you may have and we look forward to the day when the residents of Rainow will be the proud owners of its only pub.


The Robin Hood Community Group

Ken Butler, Karen Vernon, Louise Perry, David Law, David Challis, David Hasler, Mike Tyldesley, Brian Fisher and Phil Moss.


Reader Comments (3)

Sad days for Rob and Sue and their staff Let's hope the Robin Hood can be saved

By Andrew Greenwood on Monday, May 15, 2017

We live in Bollington, is this only open to Rainow residents?

By Linda Bester on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Would hate to see Rainow left with nothing and fully support the Community Group and appreciate their hard work in trying to save our last Pub.

By Sue Grimes on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

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